A leading cloud-based platform to help enterprises manage and track best-in-class mobile web experiences at scale.

The Story

Netbiscuits was formed in Kaiserslautern, Germany in the late 1990s by 4 college friends that had been trained as engineers. They began building sites for the first mobile protocols, and quickly realized there was an opportunity to build an end-to-end platform that would forever obviate the need for enterprises to worry about device refresh cycles, operating system fragmentation and mobile optimization. Their application development platform, coupled with their proprietary device library, offered a unique solution to the enterprise – build on the Netbiscuits platform once, and be assured that the fidelity of your sites and messaging would be preserved and optimized regardless of end-user device and operating system.

The founding team slowly built the organization around this bold technology vision, and by 2012 had achieved a lot of success – they had created a global business with offices and clients across a number of continents, and a product offering that some of the largest brands in the world relied on to deliver their most critical customer-facing content. The team had achieved a substantial U.S. presence despite never having more than a few team members on the ground, and they quickly realized that to fully capitalize on the market opportunity, they would need a U.S. partner with the network and capital to make a difference, coupled with a vision that aligned with theirs.

Stripes Group had completed an exhaustive review of the mobile landscape from a consumer and enterprise perspective. They had zeroed in on Netbiscuits as having a progressive approach, and having solved through technology what many others still relied on services and antiquated processes to do. Additionally, they had built an open platform that could scale with an organization into an uncharted future of device types and operating systems. Dan Marriott and Ron Shah built a relationship with the Netbiscuits team over the course of 2012 after reaching out directly, and completed an investment in late 2012. Since then, they have focused on significantly growing their sales & marketing presence to ensure that the Netbiscuits story is being told in the U.S. as it deserves to be told, while also actively assisting with recruiting, partnership development and new business initiatives.