Kevin Hu

Senior Analyst


Kevin joined Stripes Group in 2013 and focuses on both tech and consumer sectors, while also providing support to Stripes Group portfolio companies. He assists the team with industry research and analysis, in particular focusing on ecommerce, educational technology, and digital entertainment & gaming.

Prior to joining Stripes, Kevin interned at FirstMark Capital, where he provided sourcing and research in enterprise IT & security, alternative payments, and logistics solutions. He grew up in Johnston, Iowa and went to college at New York University where he studied Economics and Business Studies.


In his spare time, Kevin enjoys writing, for both business and personal pleasure (@kevinhu162 on Medium, Kevin-Hu-4 on Quora). He goes swimming and plays tennis whenever possible, and enjoys a good game of poker every now and then. Although he wishes to travel more, his first stop is always Iowa, where you can find him trying to break 200 at the local bowling alley, fishing bright and early in the morning, and spending quality time with friends and family.


B.S. in Economics, New York University