Califia Farms

Califia Farms

Plant-based beverage and food company.

The Story

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Califia Farms is one of the fastest growing natural beverage companies in the United States providing premium plant-based beverages like almond milk, coffee and juices. The Company is led by an industry veteran and product visionary, Greg Steltenpohl, who was formerly the founder and CEO of Odwalla, one of the first disruptors in the juice category. With Califia Farms, Greg continues to bring innovation to the food system by cultivating a culture of product excellence and rapid innovation to produce nutrient-rich, plant-based food and beverages that don’t sacrifice taste. The Company prides itself on being uniquely Californian, by drawing upon the state’s vibrant culture to create unique flavors and by sourcing best-in-class ingredients from the surrounding farmland.

Having gotten to know Greg over more than a year, Stripes saw firsthand the strong culture and team Greg was building at Califia Farms and watched his product development expertise play out with each of Califia Farms’ exceptional new product introductions. While the Company was not initially seeking outside investors, Greg and Califia Farms chose to partner with Stripes given our ability to support Califia’s digital brand building efforts, as well as our track record of supporting product development in both the consumer and technology sectors.

Dan Marriott and Karen Kenworthy are on the Board of Califia Farms and continue to work closely with Greg and his team to make directed investments in production and distribution capabilities and to execute on a robust pipeline of premium, better-for-you products.