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Digital customer intelligence platform.

The Story

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, FullStory is a leading provider of customer experience analytics software used by Product, Support, Marketing, and Engineering teams of all sizes. The Company is transforming how consumer brands and growing SaaS companies understand and improve digital customer journeys, driving conversion and revenue.

With an extremely lightweight implementation, FullStory’s platform records and analyzes all customer interactions with a client’s digital properties and automatically surfaces key areas for improvement in a secure, scalable, and privacy-compliant way. The tool acts as a core intelligence system helping Product, Support, Engineering and Marketing teams operationalize critical improvements to their digital customer experience to drive satisfaction, incremental revenue, and lifetime value.

As Stripes got to know CEO and Co-founder, Scott Voigt, we became increasingly impressed with the company’s ambitious product vision, transparent and technology-first approach to privacy & compliance, and deep understanding of their customers. The company’s approach also deeply resonated with a fundamental belief we have at Stripes that the leading brands of tomorrow are investing in world-class digital customer experiences today with modern technology at the core. We’re excited to partner with the FullStory team as they deliver a comprehensive source of digital user truth to best-in-class brands around the world.