Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps

Shortest Dog


Judy Hopps is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is rarely seen without a smile from ear to ear. Although she was born on February 2, 2017, she resembles more of a giant bunny than a groundhog. Judy loves commuting to the Big Apple from Westchester while her mom plays chauffeur and sings along to 2000s country music, particularly Carrie Underwood. She looks forward to visiting Stripes Group to not only help her mom find top executive talent for SG portfolio companies, but also to play with her BFF Abby.

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Judy doesn’t let her short legs keep her from enjoying long walks and chasing ladybugs along the Bronx River Parkway Trail. She also loves to cuddle on the couch while watching classic Disney movies, and to accompany her parents in the kitchen as a taste-tester when some of their spiralized vegetables fall from the cutting board.


Proud graduate of Petsmart’s Puppy School