Matthew Brown

Senior Analyst


Matt became interested in entrepreneurship during a high school internship with a startup, In college, Matt was at the forefront of the move to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem within university communities. He founded a student-run venture fund & VC network to help connect student entrepreneurs with the capital and resources needed to grow their businesses. He build up the sourcing and mentoring program and worked with student VC's from over 18 universities to accomplish this goal.

At Stripes, Matt is focused on sourcing across Internet, Consumer, and Enterprise Software businesses. Matt also supports the Stripes team on ad hoc projects including portfolio company work and diligence on new projects. Matt works with portfolio companies including Flatiron Health and The Black Tux, and has specialized in a range of sectors including agriculture technology, mobile-first marketplaces, real-estate technology, performance apparel, construction technology, and car technology.


Matt grew up in Westport, CT, but moved to Baltimore just in time for the Ravens to win Superbowl XXXV. Matt enjoys the great outdoors including hiking, skiing, stargazing and picnics with his mom’s quinoa salad. In his spare time, Matt looks forward to a friendly match on the squash court, traveling to tropical beaches and hanging out with his golden retriever, Madison.


B.S. in Commerce at the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce